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Luma’s success in some nearing future will come down to ONE metric; results in positive health.
Luma Healthcare is about creating a support and success environment where patients begin to build on small steps of independence, then elevate to a point of collaborative, even remote access, care. We are integrating proprietary technology, best practices related to outcomes, and a host of services in primary care that will attempt to address the vast majority of circumstances for a general population. In not too many words, we are part coach, part wellness center, all syphoned down to real life results. If you’re not getting healthier, that’s a problem we can address. We provide our patients access to services including: General Surgery, OB/Gyn, Family Practice, Pediatrics, Women’s Health, PreNatal Diagnosis, Senior Health. Additionally we have an in house Lab that allows one stop services for screening of many of the most common conditions.
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We have developed some outstanding new services and technologies to premiere in the very near future…stay tuned!